Saturday, October 9, 2010

E.T. Phoned Home

The picture to the right shows the family of Edward Turner (E.T.) and Ellen (nee) Henderson. From left to right is E.T. and Ellen with Pap paws' older sister Nona. Pap paw would most likely still be in the oven, so the picture would have been taken before 1900. E.T.'s sister Amanda is shown with her family Osborne. She married Filmore Osborn. If you look closely, there is a set of twins with high buttoned coats. The next group is E.T's brother Benjamin Thomas Jones and his wife Susan Kenny. Benjamin certainly believed in beards. Pleasant Burger Poer make up the last family group, with Grandmaw Poer sitting among this group. His wife was Lorene Isabella (nee) Jones, another older sister to E.T. What a group. Twenty six people are in this family picture. No smiles are present, they were not invented yet.

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