Friday, January 28, 2011

Daughters' Drawings

Coloring books are often a large part of learning to keep within the lines. All those choices, and shades, and shapes, can keep one occupied for hours. However, sooner or later you are given the freedom to draw on your own. [Walls, floors, and refrigerator doors are often the objects of this expression.]

Two of my most precious keepsakes are the drawings made by my daughters. Lisa, my oldest, was the first to put on paper her drawing of our "Jones Famly". At around age seven, here we are through her eyes. A rainbow arches over head, a sun with rays is in the sky, and lots of green grass. A swing set is drawn [we spent a lot of time swinging] and a car is drawn [we spent a lot of time traveling], and our family is drawn with smiles. My wife (and Mom) is drawn to my left, and the girls are drawn from youngest to oldest on my right. My glasses are in place. Dresses are in order, and this may have been one of our "Sunday Go to Meeting Days" with the car just ready to be loaded.

My second daughter's drawing follows. Her "Jones Famliy" is more organized according to rank. Dad first, Mom second, Lisa third, Lesley forth, and Ellen fifth. All smiles on the faces are drawn. She must have liked bows, for every sister has a large bow in place. Glasses on me, full dress on Mom, and carefully drawn dresses with fluffy sleeves on the girls.

Both drawings have me with glasses and black hair. Special memories are these. What a treasure these drawings... bows and a rainbow...and smiles...what joy.


  1. Everyone's family history deserves a look at the family through the eyes of children. These are great!

  2. Love it. I still have drawings done by my children. Thanks for sharing.