Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Granny Ewen's Childhood

Having pictures of your grandparent's childhood is special. I just can't imagine what it would have been like to have spent the earliest part of your childhood in a log cabin. The picture to the right shows Granny Ewen (Stella nee Morton) and her brothers and sisters. She is the oldest daughter, b.1899, standing to the left in the dark skirt. Lemon Morton, b. 1896, is the oldest, standing in the dark cloths to the right. Between are Myrtle Morton, b. 1901; Bruce Morton, b. 1907; and Moses Morton, b. 1905 all dressed in white. Bruce seems to be sitting on a small chair which is sitting on a larger chair, which is used to make everyone about the same head level. All those standing have shoes, which they seem to be carefully displaying. All seem to have a sad look about them, uncertain about this picture taking business. Caught in time, around 1907-1908, is this picture of Granny Ewen's childhood. How many childhood memories are caught in time but never passed down to the next generations.

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