Monday, January 3, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Going through some old family photographs this morning I found a picture of my Dad. It was amazing to me, that the picture was taken just about the same age as my own picture shown in the post "Life's Challenges" [Friday, Dec. 31]. Dad had a picture taken with the very same challenge that faced me..."to assume a sitting position without help and to be able to maintain it with the back straight." Wow I thought, father - son caught in the act at around the same age!

Dad tells us that he was around 10 pounds at birth. It is hard to imagine that Mam maw popped him out since she was a small lady, but I do not doubt the 10 pounds. My mouth and eyes are pretty much identical. Dad has a little less cloths on, and he might be trying to support himself with his left hand. Our legs are almost in the identical position. His seat certainly looks more comfortable than my hard floor.

What a picture it is. Dad and me taken around the same age a generation son.

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