Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Leaves on the Tree

Griffin Jones (Jr.) and his father Griffin Jones (Sr.) appear to have lived most of their lives in Caroline County, VA. Although, the last record of Griffin, Jr. was in Spotsylvania County records dated 5 April 1785, where the family must have moved after the Revolutionary War. The name Griffin gets past along since in 1817, there were two Griffin Joneses listed among the family that were members of the South Elkhorn Baptist Church.

Griffin Jones (Sr.) first appears in the Caroline County records dated 13 August 1736. He seems to have had a lot of trouble in the courts for there is a fairly long series of court cases involving Griffin, Sr.:

1. (1736)Griffin Jones Assignee of Charles Spoe against Joshusa King...[Caroline Co., VA Order BK, 1732-1740, Vol. 1-3, Vol. II, p 54.]

"Judgement is granted the plaintiff for 522 pounds of tobacco"

2. (1737)Action of Debt- Robert Taliaferro against Griffin Jones...[dito: Vol.II, p.112]

"case dismissed"

3. (1737/38) Action of Debt- William Taliaferro, gent. Against Griffin Jones...[dito:Vol III, p.15}

"case dismissed"

On and on it goes...most interesting is 1740/41 Action of trespass, assault, and battery. James Young against Griffin Jones [Caroline Co., VA Order BK 1740-1746, Part I, p. 15]

"Dismissed, it being agreed."

He was also ordered to be surveyor of the road in the room (the place of) Nicholas Ware. [dito: Part I, p. 70]

The eighth court record reveals his wife's name is Mary when 12 August 1743, it states: "Griffin Jones and Mary his wife, acknowledged his deed of lease and release indented to Arch. McPherson, gent." [dito:, Part III, p. 12.]

Let's see now...Spoe, King, Taliaferro, Young, Ware, and McPherson and a bunch of other surnames appear with poor Griffin, Sr. Like working a 5000 piece puzzle, it helps to group associated names together. This becomes more and more helpful as the leaves on the tree branches get thicker.

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