Monday, December 6, 2010

Through my Memories

Almost all of the posts to date have dealt with my family's past generations. This being the 99th post (can you believe it), I thought it would be nice to picture the future generation.

The picture to the right is my youngest grandson Ian. He just had his first birthday party this past Saturday. He is the son of my youngest daughter Ellen, who spent time with me over Thanksgiving visiting many of our family's past locations in Clark County, Kentucky. (Winchester) [see post titled "Mighty Small" on 30 November] Of course her husband Wes had something to do with it also.

Ian is the "youngest" future generation of my family. Happy Birthday Ian, I am sure that one day Ellen will take you on a trip through my memories.


  1. What a handsome young man - you must be so proud. He appears to be very seriously engaged in conversation!

  2. Already looking forward to taking them to Jones Cemetery.

    I love you Papa!