Saturday, December 4, 2010

Making a Trip

Griffin Jones was the last of my Jones family to reside in Virginia. His son Nicholas Jones moved to Kentucky in 1811. Griffin was most likely born in Caroline County, VA since our family had settled along the waters of Pneumansend Creek beginning November 1673. This creek has been spelled a variety of ways including "Puamunaremo", "Puamunvein", "Pumansend", "Pewmansend", "Puesmonseen", and "Powmansend" and by legend was named after a Dutch trader "Newman" who met his end along this creek...thus "Newman's End". This area was to become Caroline County in 1728 after it had been Essex County since 1692, and Old Rappahannock County since 1656. Before that it had been part of Lancaster County from 1651, and before that called Northumberland County which was founded in 1648. It was an Indian district called Chickacoan at the beginning. Wow!, all without moving an inch.

As discussed in a previous post, Griffin Jones, in 1756, was ordered to be "overseer" of the road which ran by Mr. Mcpherson's house to the beverdam swamp by the house of Thomas Buckner. The order reads : "...and that he keep the same in repair according to law." [from: Caroline Co., VA Order BK 1755-1758, 9 Dec 1756, p. 246.] The problem was that Griffin Jones was exempt from taxes (Ley fee) for either being "old" or "infirmed" just the year before. [from: Colonial Caroline- A History of Caroline County Virginia, by T.E. Cambell, p. 367.] What the heck? How could Griffin Jones be exempt from taxes, being old or infirmed were the only reasons, the year 1755...then he was ordered to be overseer of road repairs and upkeep the next year? These records did not seem to make sense until Dad, Mom and I made a trip to Caroline County Virginia.

It was during this trip to the courthouse at Caroline County that we found a court record with writing on the outside reading:

"Mordecai Abram Plt. Agst. Griffin Jones Senr".

[Caroline Co. Order Book 1764-1765, p. 309]

Senior, Junior, that's it. There were two Griffin Joneses. What a deal! The father of Griffin Jones, was Griffin Jones. This explains it. Griffin Jones, Sr. was old and infirmed in 1755, and his son Griffin Jones was place in charge of the tobacco rolling road! Had we not made this trip, we would not have discovered the facts. Making a trip to the courthouse may break down many brick walls.

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