Friday, December 31, 2010

Life's Challenges

Life has a number of built-in challenges. At birth, for a full-term infant, regaining their birth weight by 10 days of age is usual. Birth weight doubles by 5 months of age, and triples by 1 year of age.

Growth increases by 10-12 inches in the first year of life.

Subcutaneous tissue (fat) reaches its peak at around 9 months of age.

The head is slightly larger than the chest at birth [needed to open the door], but the chest size increases to match the head size by the end of the first year.

Teeth erupt in most infants between 5 and 9 months of age. By one year of age most children have 6-8 teeth.

Challenge after challenge face us.

The picture to the right shows me at one 8-9 month assume a sitting position without help and to be able to maintain it with the back straight. My arms are extended [already talking with my hands before I could talk with my lips], fingers spread, and a sheepish grin upon my face. My back certainly appears straight. Legs are flexed, and it almost looks as though I could jump up and walk away. One of life's challenges caught on film. However most of the time, life does not always provide a camera.

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