Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shorts and Nothing Else

The summer months in Kentucky were spent in a variety of ways. Usual dress was shorts and...well nothing else. It was common to have the summer days interrupted by a photographer pulling a small horse, house to house, yard to yard, asking folks if they wanted their children's picture taken. Can you imagine the excitement that getting on a horse in the middle of the summer would produce. [Not that horses were anything special in the Bluegrass of Kentucky!]

The picture to the right shows my brother and me in such a pose. [I was 4 years and my brother was 6 years of age.] Danny was the name. A horse called Danny and us in the summer of 1955. We had just moved into our new house at 25 Vine Street. Our summer attire was spotless and our smiles expectant. My older brother Henry was a little more reserved, but he was sitting on the back edge of the saddle. My face certainly showed the excitement and joy that I was experiencing on Danny. Holding the reigns...ready to go...getty up! But where?

Snap, the picture was taken. Down we came. Back into the summer of 1955 and our new neighborhood. Only the picture remains.


  1. I can see your grandsons faces in yours!

  2. Jerry I have a pic of myself on that same pony, when we lived on Highland St., David Ray Burrus