Friday, September 24, 2010

E.T. phone home

E.T. (Edward Turner) and Ellen Dorcas Henderson were married 20 December 1893 at Ellen's home in Estill Co., KY. Estill County was also north of the Kentucky River and sections bordered on the Kentucky and Red Rivers. E.T. was the baby of 11 children born to his father and mother W.C. Jones and Elizabeth Isabel Adams. [It again amazes me how one generation is the baby of the family and the next generation seems to be the eldest.] The farm land that E.T. grew up on was the land that Mam maw told me about during one of our coffee drinking episodes. She knew it was located at the mouth of Red River, and that it was in Madison County. How we ended up in Madison County is yet to come, for our family had been in Clark County since 1817. The picture to the right shows E.T. and Ellen sitting with their youngest child. Pap paw must be in the oven because it looks as though Nona is about a year or so old. Pap paw is not far behind. Ellen looks serious and must have been carrying the world on her shoulders. Her Henderson side lost almost everything after the Transylvania Company went belly up, and I could see why they might be mad at the world. There is a saddle on the porch so I guess they still road horses when this picture was taken. E.T., if you are on horseback, please call home.

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