Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pap paw's Parents

Pap paw could not speak when I became old enough to talk. He had a stroke around 1955, and so I never got to talk to him about his childhood. Pap paw's baby sister Jeane Marie filled me in on a little bit, but Pap paw's childhood and growing up is now mostly mystery. The only picture I have of Pap paw as a child is shown to the right. He is sitting with his family, Edward Turner Jones, Ellen Dorcas (nee Henderson), and his sisters. Edward Turner Jones (Pap paw's father), I got to know through his youngest daughter also, who was my bridge to the past. Edward Turner ran a feed store in Winchester, KY around the 1900s. The picture shows what I think is a thrashing machine and a field of workers. It would have to have been at harvest time. Pap paw looks about 6-8 years old so I guess this picture would be around 1906. Pap paw's straw hat and held suspenders make him look like he enjoyed himself. His mother has the youngest on her lap, and the other pictures I have of her suggest she held her feeling inside. Ellen was born 22 May 1876. She died 23 March 1941. Edward Turner was born 10 August 1873 and died 5 May 1938. Apparently, later in life, Edward Turner had diabetes and lost a leg much like George Washing Ewen did on the other side of the family. Interesting how such things seem to be shared by each generation. Pap paw as a little boy with his parents. What stories they could tell this day.

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