Thursday, September 16, 2010

Possum Hollar (10) Virture and Soul

"Edwards people was the one that took things the hardest. Knowing Sis was in their family it would throw a hard ship on them. Sid and Sis took it standing up, one reason Sis was looking forward to a baby two. My baby boy was borned. Four days latter Sis baby girl came. Though they were brothers children they both could not be called by the same name. None of us had any news of Edward for about nine months. His sister had written him about the baby. Edward wrote to Sid and told him to come and see me and father and he would come back and do the right thing toward me. We consented for him to do that, but did he, no he had meet a Red Cross Nurse in the Hospital in France and when he returned to US.A. he slipped in to one of his sisters and they were married. He had forgotten the girl that had given up all for him, her love, her virture and soul, for the soldier boy back in the mountains. And the promises he made in the letter to his brother, about doing what was right toward me. Finly he did send his mother to talk to Sid and Sid told her to tell him that as far as he was conserned he would not turn over his hand to keep him out of the pen. For him to settle the best way he could so on the account of every one in the family we droped everything. I am glad that I never made the second mistake as lot other girls has done. For if I had I would not of found the man I married. Thou he is some younger than I am, he was one of my neighbor boys. He knew my past, he never mentions it to me. We have four children of our own, live on a farm and my husband is a machenic. Sis and Sid has a family of their own. God let my boy live untill he was sixteen years old and then took him away from us."

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