Monday, September 13, 2010

Possum Hollar (7) Something to Remember

"Sis came home one day and said Marie I have good news for you. Edward is getting a farm leave and will be home in a few day. My heart lifted with joy. I would see Edward again. And the thought of it I was going around singing as I was going out on the front porch to change some flowers. I looked up the road and I saw him. My Edward soldier man. I ran and fell into his arms and with his lips on mine he cried, my own little girl. Again we are togeather, but for how long. I well never forget those thirty days, he worked on the farm and would come to see me every chance he had. He tried to get thirty days extention of time. Two weeks passed and he recieved notice that he was not granted any more time. He came and told me one night. Catching me in his arms and crying Marie how can I go back and leave you. If you could only go with me. But I know when I go back it will be France for me, my baby, my baby, I love you so. And I answered and said Edward love I have loved you ever since the day in school when you carried me out of that fighting mob. And to think that I will have to give you up. Lets pray that it only will be for a short time. Again he cried I know if I go to France I will never come back and I cannot bear the thought of leaving you. I know I will never come back across the big pool. So again I throu my self in his arms, and said Edward I will be waiting for you and I will give you something to remember. Here I am, I am yours. I never will be any one else. How long we was there I never rembered any thing only I was with him in his strong arms and he would be leaving again in two weeks.

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