Sunday, September 12, 2010

Possum Hollar (6) Never to Return

"He walked home with me that day and when he started away he said I will be down with Sid Saturaday night and that was the beginning of a two year courtship, Edward and I, Sis and Sid. We were togeather every chance we had. The the Kiser tryed to whip the World. The were fighting in Europe. Things began to look dark for U.S.A. I had a half brother who inlisted in the army. Then the U.S.A. declared war. I noticed the change that come over Edward. He never had told me he loved me, but he would talk about how bad he would hate to have to leave me and go to war. You could tell that Sid and Sis hated to talk about it, but they knew that Sid would not be called soon as Edward, for Edward would be in the first draft. And he was called in the second call from our country. So our heaven here, between us four was broken up. In about three months Sid and Sis was married, but Edward was gone and my all with him. He was sent to camp and put in a hospital unit. Would he come back to me or would he be sent to France never to return."

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