Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pictures of Pages: Possum Hollar (8)

As I continue to copy the Possum Hollar story, I thought you might like to see the pages that were written by my Grandfather Ewen. The picture to the right shows a number of the hand written pages that were recorded around 1937. The handwriting is level, even, nicely written in script. The story of Possum Holly lives again.

"Those two weeks passed as a dream. Two week that we tried to make each other happy. But all was living in suspence of parting and finly the last night together. When he took me in his arms and said sweetheart I have something to want to live for, something to fight for besides my country. Good by and God bless you. And he was gone. The next thing I knew mother had me in the house, was rubing my hands and face trying to comfort my broken heart but could she. I knew I never would see him again. I wanted to die. And if God had only let me died that night I would not had to suffered as I have suffered. I would not have broken my father and mothers hearts, and my hair would not been a gray as it is now."

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