Sunday, September 26, 2010

Generation to Generation

Generation to generation, what we are is past down to us. We don't have a choice to select our parents or our ancestors. We can only take what we get at the beginning of the union of the chromosomes and try to make the best of it, or the worst of it. It is a rare occurrence to have the opportunity to compare one generation to the next, from childhood to childhood. The last blog shows a picture of the sisters of Pap paw Jones taken around 1903. The picture to the right shows the mother of Pap paw about the same age of her daughters when taken a generation before,around 1885. Wow, I thought. Generation compared to the previous generation at about the same ages. Ellen Dorcas Henderson is shown with her older half-sister Betty. They do not touch. Both are sitting stiffly, hands crossed, and a passive look about them. [Taking pictures at this time must of been worse then by 1903.] They have the same dress, and expect for the ribbons, they share the same hair style and apparent attitude. In all pictures I have of Ellen, she keeps this same hair style. They do not smile, smiling was probably not allowed, but they do not frown. Their mouths are horizontal. Neutral I guess in their expression. What difference does a generation make? Pap paw's sisters seem to need one another at their posing. Ellen and her sister do not seem to touch. Maybe this had to do with Betty being a half-sister, but who will ever know. Generation to generation. I know love was passed down through Ellen, for I have felt it through Pap paw.

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