Sunday, September 19, 2010

Say Hello

Say hello to Granny Ewen. She was born 10 March 1899 at Bowen, KY. She lived part of her earliest years in a log cabin at Possum Hollar. She married my Ewen grandfather 21 March 1918 and was the mother of an even dozen. She had three children die in childhood: Minnie Thelma Clay Ewen, May Millicent Ewen, and Susan Christina Ewen. She told me many family stories, some of which I have tried to pass on. She died 1 March 1994 and is buried next to her husband in Clark Co., KY. She lived 94 years and my favorite memory is the night that my three daughters, my mother, and Granny Ewen shared a session of knitting. Granny Ewen teaching my three daughters how to knit. Together they made a long, long, knitted strip of knitted yarn stretching some 8 - 10 feet. May this memory stretch into future generations as my daughters remember their Granny Ewen.

The picture to the right shows Granny Ewen sitting on her porch swing. She loved plants and flowers. Her memory box contained pressed flowers from many special events. She even had a four leaf clover pressed between the pages of her Bible. Hello again, Granny Ewen, thanks for the memories.


  1. This is what your mom is going to look like when she gets to be 95.


  2. Hope you get to 100 and still racing Blue Racers.

  3. Hello - Do you recall when this photo was taken? Was this picture taken at her house in Winchester?

  4. Hello Patick,

    This picture was at Granny's Winchester home on Franklin Ave., July 1986. Granny and Grandad moved around alot. They lived in several different houses in Winchester and Clark Co., KY. Granny would have been around 86 years young.