Monday, September 20, 2010

The Grandparents of Granny

Moses Morton was born 7 November 1837. His father Richard, had settled on the South Fork of Red River and is thought to have helped establish an early Baptist Church. He was the seventh of nine children. He married around 1860 to a Mary E. Hanks who died following the birth of their first child. Following this, Moses volunteered for the Confederate Army 21 October 1861. He was mustered into Company C of the Fifth Regiment Infantry at Prestonburg, KY with the rank of fifth Sergeant. He fought at Ivy Mountain (Ivy Creek) and Mananas (Bull Run). On 20 October 1862 he was mustered into Company E, 2nd Battalion Mountain Rifles, at Campton, KY. He survived the war and married Delina Powell in 1865. He was a farmer and teamster, hauling the primary products of that time to the rail head in the river valley. In 1876, three years after Granny Ewen's dad was born (Cordilus) the family moved to Glady Branch of South Fork at the foot of the High Rock Hill. By the latter part of March 1890, they had built a two story boxed house and remained in it the rest of their marriage. He died 14 March 1923 and is buried in the Faulkner Cemetery, Manning Road, Stanton, KY. Delina Powell was born 17 November 1847. She had seven children, a little low on the number count, and died 7 November 1927. She is also buried in the Faulkner Cemetery. The picture above shows Moses and Delina I believe setting outside their two story house. He certainly would have made a good Santa Claus at Christmas time. Most of this information is taken from "The Morton Story", by Douglas Morton. The cemetery records are documented in "Powell County Cemeteries Alphabetized, 1998 Survey, by the Red River Historical Society. To both I am grateful.

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