Saturday, September 11, 2010

Possum Hollar (5) Forgive me Sis

"Sidney she had reference to was Edward brother. He was four years younger than Edward but him and Sis was the same age. We all went to school together. Sid as we all called him was working on the rail road in Edwards place now. She could see him every night and morning as he went back and fourth by our house. Their home was two miles above our house at a nother small place. It was then I began crying and run to Sis. Forgive me Sis. Forgive me. I was mad because he did not look a me. Sis said forget it. I am going to get Sid anyway. So a few night later we went to church and sure enough Sid brought he back home. It was sometime before I had a chance to get my man. Sis told Sid about the way I felt toward Edward, and Sid told me Edward had saw me a few days before and had asked him who I was, and he told him he was going to date me. That he could not quite believe I was the little girl which he had carried out of the fight our first school togeather. So the next time I saw him we meet at the Post Office and he walked up and said to me, I hardly believe I could carry you as easy as I did at school that day. So how about me walking home with with you Marie. Of course I said yes. But if I could only look into the near future, I would of said no, no, no, and I would of not written this life story."

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