Friday, September 17, 2010

Possum Hollor (End) They Will Flee

"Edward has a family of four, two girls and two boys. I never have spoke to him since the night about twenty years ago when he said good bye when he lift for camp and France to forget the girl of the log camp. Today the marker over my boys grave bears my maden name and the name of the good old family doctor that delivered him into this world. And when I look back over the past I remember the Bible says

Vengence is mine. I will repay, thus sayeth the Lord.

And I am thankful that God gave me a husband who is true blue and God know I am true to him. I am raising my family the best I know how. And living the life like any other Christian. They can say she made one mistake and has out lived it. And I know by experience that you can out live the past. My advice to any one that reads this it not throw your self away because you have done rong. You will find some to give a helping hand and to look to the one who died on the cross. And let the people of the world say what they may about you. And say, he that is with out sin let him cast a stone. And you will find they will flee as they did when Chrsit asked the same question. And you can go throu the world facing every one. And a smile on your face and a song in your heart knowing that you have over came temptation. You can't forget the past, but you can look forward to the future, knowing that God is with you to the end."

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