Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Random Combination

The Jones/Monroe genes and the Ewen/Morton genes came together May 8, 1948. My older brother arrived one year later, and in another 18 months the 23 chromosomes of Dad (the Y-chromosome group) and the 23 chromosomes of Mom (fifty-fifty chance of Ewen group) united. Of all the people who ever lived, this combination of genes is uniquely mine. Just imagine, at the very beginning of life there is a random combination of these chromosomes (genes) at the biochemical level. Unless you are an identical twin (like my wife), this random combination is unique among the human race. My brother seemed to get more of the Jones side, (blue eyes and light brown hair), and I seemed to get more of the Ewen side, (brown eyes and black hair). I did seem to get being left-handed from the Jones/Monroe side, since my Dad is also left-handed. This event, the random combination of genetic material, would certainly provide a way for the human race to present itself "new" each time life begins. New combinations, new life, new opportunities, new beginnings...well new everything. We did not choose the combination of genes that make us, US. At birth we did not choose the color of our eyes or the color of our hair. We have had to make the best of what we got from this random beginning. The future is yet to come. Soon enough, the choices will be ours.

The picture to the right shows Mother and Dad on their wedding day May 8, 1948. The choices they made brought my brother and I to life. Thanks Mom and Dad, I came to like my random combination.


  1. Wright on, Write on son; We like this picture very much. " I approve of this nessage all the way." The couple sure looks like they love each very much. Dad