Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Possum Hollar (9) Her Soldier Man

"The next time I heard from Edward he was in France. His company had sailed the same week he arrived in camp. Sis and Sid came home trying to comfort me with the thought he would be back. This old war would be over and every thing would be all right. But would it? The fear I had for two months was not him coming back as much as what I knew. I was going to have a baby. Our baby. Would it ever get to carry the name of it father. Would he come back my soldeir man to claim me and his baby."

"The next few weeks were years to me. I had not told any one for I wanted to save father and mother as much as possible. One day our neighbor house caught fire. We all run out to see if we could help in any way. As it happened our old country doctor was passing by, and see every body excited. He went up to father and said Marie has no business being here. Take her home. What do you mean by that?, father said. I had been able to hide it from them but not the old doctor. Now look here John don't get riled up at me or her either. But come on I will go home with you and we will talk this over. So we all went back in the house and the doctor said you go to your room and rest Marie. I will talk this over with your father and mother. He told them of which I was greatful for I don't see hardly how I could of told them. Don't be too hard on her John for remember her soldier man was leaving probly never to return."

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