Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to the Family

Amazed am I. Amazed that Granddad Ewen would write down such a story as Possum Hollar. Amazed that Granny Ewen lived in a log cabin until she was around eleven years old. Amazed that the lives the story touches are real. What can I say? After doing genealogy for more than 50 years my family's stores still amaze me.

The picture to the right shows the parents of Granny Ewen. Granddad does not record the feelings of these two folks, but they took the child of the union of Edward and Marie. Cordilus Morton was born 1873 and died 1948. Lura Mahala Townsend (nee Howell) was born 1871 and died 1941. Both are buried in Nada Cemetery with the child who probably never new the truth of his origin. Folks did not talk about such things. My mother,80 years young as I write this blog, remembers that Lawrence Morton was called Uncle Lawrence, when in reality was really Cousin Lawrence. Lawrence Morton(Ewen)was born 19 March 1919. He lived as a child of Cordilus and Mahala, and according to mother he died following a football injury. On his tombstone at Nada, his death is given 30 December 1935. On his grave marker is the name Lawrence Morton. In both the family genealogies of the Ewen's and Morton's, his name does not appear. I would now put his name in our family records as Lawrence Ewen. Welcome to the family Lawrence, sorry for the delay.

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