Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time Travel

Wednesday afternoon at Leed's Theater was a given. This provided coolness (in the literal sense)in the heat of the Kentucky summers, and a way to escape into your imagination. Not that I needed a lot to escape. I believe it was August, 1960, when a movie came to town called "The Time Machine". The color was amazing. Victorian England was a special place, and to travel to it that summer was fun. Rod Taylor played the time traveler when he got into his fancy sled with the spinning back wheel. He seemed only to travel to the future and always seemed to get into trouble. H.G. Wells sure had an imagination I thought. My problem was, I wanted to travel to the past. The future was for me to make, the past was for me to discover. All the family stories I had been given would take me to the past. Of course I did not believe most of them, figuring that each generation added a little to the tale-bearing. How do I find out? How do I get into my time machine sled and push that knob to travel. I have learned over the past 50 years a little about time travel into history. Genealogy it is called. You have to accept what you find, and be willing to face all the rocks and rough roads. Win a Oscar like the movie...not likely, but the winning is in the heart.

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