Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pap paw's Picture

The picture to the right shows Pap paw's family early 1920s. He has an older sister to his right named Nona Lee Jones (b. 1895) and a younger sister Eliza Mildred Jones (b. 1901) to his left. The back row are his younger siblings left to right: Ethel B. Jones (b.1903), Harold Spence Jones (b. 1912) and the baby sister Jeane Marie Jones (b.1919). All dressed up and I wonder what place they were going. They all have died now, and are buried about Kentucky. Jean Marie, my great aunt, shared several Christmas eves with the family, and had many stories to tell. I did not really get to know the other sisters and brother of Pap paw. I am sure each would have their own stories to tell.

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  1. Keep up the stories--they are our past, crying to be noticed. Everyone has a story to tell. Make your comment; they encourage the person bringing them before you.