Thursday, September 9, 2010

Possum Hollar (4) Watch your step

"It was shortly after that he give up this job and went to Michigan staying about two years. I had all most forgotten him until one night there was a party in the log camp. I was sixteen years old then. These social gatherings was all ways at some neighbors home. Usually we would string beans for a while, sing songs and at the end dance for about two hours. We all had just began to dance when I looked over and saw him. Did my heart stop or did it turn a flip flop. But any how he was not looking at me he was dancing with my sister two years older than I am. It was only a short ways home, so I sliped out and went home. Trying to go to sleep but there was no sleep for me. Soon afterwards sis came home and I heard her tell him good night at the door. The next morning sis was up, cooked breakfast before I woke up. Was I mad. That old jealous that in everyone sometime said, she has got your man. Looking over at me when I walked in sis said what made you run out on us last night. Did you see Edward Thomas? He is back from the North. Gosh he is a swell dancer. It was then I went wild. I screamed at her yes I saw him and you dancing togeather, but he could not even look at a little girl like me. You can't have him for he is my man. He has been mine in my heart ever since he saved me from that fight at school. You cant have him you hear that. I know he came home with you last night for I heard him tell you goodnight. Sis look at me with staring eyes, for about two minutes and said you darn little fool have you fell for a man that much older than you are, and he never has even looked at you. If you are that foolish you have him for I don't want him. I would not give Sidney little finger for Edwards hold botty. Take him if you can get him but watch your step girl."

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