Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ms Blue Racer and Family

The childhood story of my Mom and her encounter with a Blue Racer snake has been part of our family's legacy. [see blog titled "The Blue Racer"] Growing up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky during the depression would be hard enough, little lone running into snakes every now and then. The picture to the right shows Mom around eight years of age with her family. This would have been around the time the Blue Racer knocked on the front screen door to their house. My Mom is the dark haired little girl to the right front row with the sweater. She has that determined look about her which housed a tough fighting spirit that only growing up in the hills could have produced. Granny and Granddad Ewen with their slue of kids. Starting from left to right: Granddad Ewen (b.1899), Granny Ewen (b.1899), she is holding Wanda Bernice Ewen (b. 1937), then John Clearnce Ewen (b.1922) [we called J.C.]. Back to the left is Sidney Brent Ewen (b.1924) who took his dad's name so we called him "Junior"...then Cordius Allene Ewen (b.1926), Eva Faye Ewen (b.1928),then little sister Edith Delorese Ewen (b.1934) and finally Mom, Myrna Jean Ewen (b.1930). Two additional little brothers are yet to come. Three older sisters had already died. What a crew this is. This would have been around the time Granddad would have written what I have called "Possum Hollar". Enough to keep you off the streets in Slade, KY, 1937.

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  1. I love this picture! It's so neat to see Granny as a little girl.