Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Possum Hollar (2) The Future

"Loaded our few house hold goods into the old farm wagon, and started for our new home. By this time the mill was in operation sawing lumber for to build houses, store and tressell timbers for the railroad bridges. Can you imagine our surprise when we drove into a little valley with about thirty houses built along in rows, the out side covered with tar paper, the inside all with new building paper. What a difference to our log shack chinked with yellow clay mud and a hole cut in the side with boards nailed together to slip back and fourth at night and morning, so as to give light during the day. And how much larger was this four room house to our Possum Hollar cabin. And the shock when we went inside and saw the new furniture, cook stove and all father had put in before we had moved not telling no children anything about it. We all was to excited to say anything. We only look on and wondering what we would see next. And that was a train. Our house was built along the side of the rail road track just a fence and right of way between. We all run and hid ourselves thinking the thing was coming throu the house. Of course we all wanted to go back home to Possum Hollar but finally we all got over our scare and went to bed to dream about our new home and the future."

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